Youth and Leadership

India’s vast pool of young population is a treasure that needs to be nurtured, shaped and blossomed. As the nation grows in confidence, its young population is also geared to take up the leadership roles in every sphere. The Foundation intends to take lead in providing a launching pad for the youth in the country and in South Asia region to face challenges that comes with taking initiatives.

The youth particularly has a critical role to play in ushering education reforms and without their participation achieving goals of sustainable development will remain impossible.

The forum has a program where the young leaders will be allowed to develop a community focusing on a key area of change. It will provide training and offer developmental models that can be implemented on the ground changing the quality of life. Young politicians, grassroots leaders, innovators and change-makers will be tapped and their works and achievements will be brought in public domain for larger community empowerment.

There is already extensive contribution made by administrators, social groups, environment experts and researchers working at grass root levels after understanding the requirements of communities. Such young achievers need to be refined further and the Foundation will work towards honing their expertise and enhancing their innovative skills.

This forum believes that the leader is one among the equals and working on this philosophy it is looking to position itself as a platform to empower the young who will pass on the benefits to a large number of people.