Women’s Lounge

Democracies cannot thrive when women live in fear and are kept isolated from leadership roles and inclusive participation in economic activities. India is currently at the cusp of a paradigm shift in its growth, eventually decisive for its global position. We seek a greater participation of the women and girls in the nation’s march to development. Women are not only a great social asset, but also an excellent communicator and are `more perfectionist in the power to create, nurture and transform.’ Today, women are emerging as leaders in growing range of fields. Empowered women are the first teachers for her adolscent daughters at home and can influence the men as well. They have been found to be transparent, accountable and more responsible.

The Foundation offers a platform for the women in this country and South Asia region to connect through sharing of latest research, successful case studies and information on gender and leadership issues, women as innovators, change makers and their growing participation in environmental issues. IFLS is fortunate in having some exceptionally bright women members having expertise in legal affairs, development and communications sectors and there are some more on the advisory board and our board of consultants offering expertise from academics, media, civil societies, health and disability fields. We invite like-minded researchers, activists and housewives to share this forum to exchange views on the most happening news around you and make a beginning to improve the social and economic status of a woman around you. A special invitation for interested journalists writing on women-centric issues to contribute freely for our blogs and online media forums to help inform a larger audience.