Thrust Areas

Association would take to realize the three selected areas:


Initiating POLICY BRIEFS/PUBLIC OPINION/PARTNERING with Civil Societies (CSOs) — To collect information, Notices, Notifications, Policies from the Government, Semi-Governments, National/International Agencies and NGOs and provide the same to members of the Association and general public.

Legal Governance: To take up the cause of the people in general in order to protect them from social exploitation from certain vested interests. Empowering the citizens about their legal rights would be top priority. We would educate people and organise various kinds of awareness program/activities regarding Consumer Protection Laws and rights of the public in this connection.

A special focus would be on the legal rights of women and child, including of education and health for children and maternal, inheritance, maintenance, against domestic violence and economic livelihoods rights for marginalized women.

To take up effective, reasonable and lawful steps for the eradication of social evils such as Dowry System, Child Marriage (Bal Vivah), Child Labour, Wastage of money in the various functions and use of intoxicated drugs/wine/smack etc.

As part of Governance initiatives, we would be working towards the improvement in quality of political participation of women, youth & minorities. We would work to empower the women for sustainable development from Micro-credit to Micro enterprises.

There would be a special focus on country’s youth and the latter’s connectivity to local sports activities to channelise one’s energy. With the help of state governments, particularly in disturbed and conflict zones, a sports culture could be initiated with local authorities to engage the local youth constructively and meaningfully. Sports could be the best healer in conflict zones and disturbed areas and youth could be the torch bearers of that change, which would also help them gradually come into political mainstream.

Disabled cause: To take effective, reasonable and lawful steps for the solution of the problems relating to the blind, physically and mentally handicapped, deaf, dumb and other disable through various kind of training programs and press upon the governments to allocate exclusive budget and schemes for their well being.

We will organise seminars on social justice, educational and economic liberties to raise legal demands and fundamental rights provided by the Constitution of India.

To make best efforts for protection, promotion and for the advancement of women, children old aged, physically and mentally handicapped persons, orphans, widows, destitute and the likes. We would help facilitate free legal aid services to the needy person or persons from time to time.

To approach to the competent court/courts to safeguards in the light of the general public and for the public interest from time to time as the Association may deem fit and proper.



  • With a clear objective to realize our goal Of the Village, By the Village, For the Village, We would lay stress for creation of sustainable livelihoods in large numbers in rural areas of the Asia-Pacific region and develop innovative models of income generation that is self-sustainable and a tool to create self-employment opportunities.
  • We would initiate projects that would employ women as mainstream workforce, particularly in dairy farming, organic farming, fisheries and cottage industries to empower them economically.
  • Create employment opportunities within the village limits, help facilitate the need-based technology reach the worthy farmers and entrepreneurs at local grass root levels so as to boost food and income levels in every households.
  • We will boost agricultural productivity through improved farming methods, input supply, marketing, land development and management reform or by increasing off-farm incomes and supporting local level entrepreneurial skills.
  • Creating avenues/opportunities to provide a decent income source in areas where the agricultural potential has not been adequately realized, giving meaning and dignity to life in way that it compliments the local rural development initiatives by grass root organizations and the state governments.
  • We will partner state governments in initiating pilot projects and sustainable agricultural models from around the world to assure a stable income and abundant food resources not only for self-consumption, but for the local markets.
  • Facilitating a market chain directly linked to the villagers/farmers/entrepreneurs to help develop the project planning serving the village under our core objective – Of the Village, By the Village, For the Village.
  • To approach the farmers (and the people connected with agriculture) and provide them latest technology and research information in the fields of agriculture to improve the skills of agriculturists.


We would work to achieve the desired goals of sustainable living as under:

Encourage Climate Change responses which strengthen rural communities.

We would work with and promote civil societies working towards people’s participation in fighting for their rights over natural resources and their traditional environmental habitats.

We would network with central and state agencies promoting alternative energy sources and encouraging largely self-financing sustainable strategy modes to help build a green environment.

We would work to innovate and achieve economically viable, environmentally sound and socially relevant technology packages and management systems, which would be developed indigenously and are designed to serve the interests of all, especially the economically marginalized social strata in Asia and the Pacific region.

We would work for a better understanding of the links between sustainable energy and other development and environment priorities, and technology and policy options, leading to better articulation of practical policies that can be adopted so as to promote energy for sustainable energy.

We would help promote government policies and programs, which favour sustainable development approaches.

Promoting a communication infrastructure that provides a means for Members to share experiences and draw on each other’s strengths, expertise, and skills, and
Strengthened South-South and North-South exchange of knowledge and collaboration on energy issues of common interest.

To conduct training and research programs for Pollution Control (water, air, soil, earth atmosphere) diseases due to pollution and to maintain/develop and also protect the Herbs, Forest, Environment, Species of the Animals birds, Wild Life and other Natural gifts helping to support the preservation of environment.

To bring under productive use the vast land through massive programs of forestation and tree plantation.

IFLS would specifically work to bring about sustainable utilisation of natural resources for creating livelihoods and focuses on people’s empowerment and participation in natural resource management. It was for these reasons that IFLS would organize and support activities which would strengthen grassroots NGOs through capacity building.

To encourage such workers of the Association by granting them prizes, awards, certificates for their special contribution in the pollution control in residential industrial areas and also for their research work in this field.

Ageing is a big challenge confronting the Asia and Pacific and the situation would become critical by 2035. It’s time to act and dedicate exclusively to the cause of the elders. We would create a forum for Senior Citizens where they can exchange their various views and experiences which may be made available to the younger generation.

We would help people in the pre-retirement stage to prepare them for life-after retirement from service.