Core Objectives

CORE OBJECTIVES of the Association are as under:

  • Aims to set up a platform of expert professionals and citizens of eminence to share their expertise in offering solutions to local core issues in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • The Association (mentioned as WE from here) would seek to work in three selected areas: Food Security, Governance and Sustainable Living. In pursuit of these aims, the objective is to create a platform for innovative ideas, form professional networks and partnerships and formulate public policy initiatives to facilitate solutions and processes of reaching them to the disadvantaged segments. To enhance the impact of these solutions and processes, the Organisation will conduct capacity building initiatives to transform quality of life in the selected areas of work.
  • We will do pilot projects covering our three focused areas and on successful completion of any such project, the same could be replicated in any part of the Asia-Pacific region demanding a similar project or pilot study.
  • We aim to form a global platform of ideas, thus seek global cooperation both in terms of voluntary contributions and expertise to help evolve a network for knowledge sharing and a permanent platform for interface to ensure a visible change in the lives of citizens in Asia-Pacific region.
  • We would help inform citizens with cutting-edge ideas and research.
  • The ultimate goal is to enable community members to make informed choices from a range of appropriate options for sustainable and equitable development.