Climate For Children

Children are our hope for future and the same is true for the sake of our environment. On behalf of the Foundation, we seek to make the school curriculum interesting and challenging for students in the age group of 12-18 years. We urge them to look beyond the content of textbooks and use this platform to network with schools, institutions and dedicated environmentalists in a bid to promote issues related to Climate Change and our ecological system.

This age group is believed to be the most formative age of an individual’s lifespan and utilizing this in the right spirit, eventually to conserve the local area ecology and to promote a receptive curriculum to generate an interest in young minds about the environment, is our core objective.

Foundation’s Climate For Children chapter will:

  • Dedicate itself in developing promotional material ranging from storytelling to illustrative educational material to cartoons, audios, sound bites and games to popularize the subject more beyond the class-rooms.
  • We aim to build young membership of students from the mid and higher level school education, who would get informed and inform others about the consequences of the climate change risks.
  • We aim to take the multimedia route to enter the class rooms and our goal is to create a huge range of interactive presentations and games to stimulate the children and raise awareness on the subject.
  • We seek collaborations with interested schools and global institutions exclusively dedicated to the environmental cause among the school students.
  • We seek to organize conferences to encourage interaction among children and eminent dignitaries related to the field of climate change in order to provide the children a better outlook and to promote awareness with respect to the issue of Climate Change.
  • We seek to organize large camps to collectively take steps to promote and further the issue of Climate Change via river cleaning drives, tree plantations etc.

Membership for children below 18 years is free and encouraged. We will encourage our young members to inspire participation of students from the disadvantaged social strata, who do not have access to Internet and the Foundation will support activities like organizing workshops and short plays in slums and low-income settlements.