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The Foundation is a pool of brains and has been made possible with professionals from varied backgrounds offering their expertise to reflect on core issues of Governance, Sustainable Living models and the urgent call to tackle Food Security threats. The platform comes at a time when these core regional issues are seeking immediate, but lasting solutions at the ground levels. We as a global group of expert hands will seek to find such solutions and bring in public domain exemplary case studies from around the world to answer the local needs. In a wide and varied country like India with even more wide and varied terrains, people and cultures, omnibus solutions often fail to impact due to local discrimination. There is evidently a need to collate multi dimensional frameworks involving the communities for effective local acceptability of approaches and answers to societal needs.

This team of professionals will seek to identify issues in agriculture, in civic governance and rural livelihoods through participatory models and global best practices to create an environment of locally acceptable solutions. The group realizes that the list of problems is large and so also the approaches to find answers. The process will be to engage with the community and the specialists, to search for mediated solutions in which technology also plays a significant role. The fact is that IT platforms have created an opportunity to enable cost effective and durable approaches to citizen’s involvement in governance formulations, that democracy has acquired a new meaning. It is no longer democracy of elections only, but now one of engagement and accountability on the part of the policy makers and involvement of the alert citizenship. As it was famously inscribed,” eternal vigilance is the price of liberty” the citizenship is striving for methods of eternal vigilance.

This group of professionals seeks to be one of the methods of eternal vigilance for positive change.